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Work Package 1

Generation of lentiviral constructs and testing efficiacy of lentiviral delivery

Libo Yu-Taeger, University of Tuebingen

Work Package 2 & 3

The BACHD rat model: Neuropsychiatric like behaviour and epigenetic features

Arinna Novati, University of Tuebingen

Work Package 4

Overview of Workpackage 4

Benedikt Fabry, University of Tuebingen

Work Package 2,4 & 5

Switching the disease off: Effects of spatial and temporal inactivation of mutant huntingtin in Huntington's disease

Tiberiu Stan, QPS Austria

Work Package 5

Evaluating the effects of mutant huntingtin inactivation selectively in the hypothalamus

Janice Stricker-Shaver, University of Tuebingen

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Additional Video

Breaking the Silence - Veitstanz, Liebe & Tod

Additional Video


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