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University of Tuebingen:

Dr. Hoa Nguyen
Principal Investigator

Dr. Libo Yu-Taeger
Postdoctoral Scientist

Dr. Arianna Novati
Postdoctoral Scientist

Dr. Janice Stricker-Shaver
Postdoctoral Scientist

Monika Glauch
Project Management

QPS Austria:

Dr. Robert Wronski
Group leader

Dr. Stefanie Flunkert
Head of R&D unit

Dr. Nicole Taub
Head of the Cell Culture Facility

Ewald Auer
Tutor for stereotactical surgery and behavior

Laura Clemens
Postdoctoral student

Benedikt Fabry
Postdoctoral student

Tiberiu Loredan Stan
Postdoctoral Scientist

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